Short Dialog with Ray’s Unwilling Convert

Ray Chrome: You’ll not a have a crown nor a single jewel in that crown nor will you ever get to heaven lest you give and give most generously to the Lord. Ye that have ears, listen. It is in the Book my child.

Bernuse Nessskieth: Why would I want a crown or jewels in heaven? The freakin’ road is gonna be gold you nitwit Nimrod. That would like me wearing cheese in my hair or lard in my pockets if I was to visit Wisconsin.

R.C.: Your negative altitude is a shame upon thy soul, you were put upon this earth to be a helpmate for man. A heathen shall not inherit anything but the wind.

B.N.: I have seen my dad’s will and buddy you are a trailer park full of empty rat-filled units. You are a lot of hot wind beneath my wings, I will rise above it.

R.C.: Go ahead, make fun of the workers for the Lord. You shall toil and always have want by the sweat of your brow you will lay down in anger and on your knees in the fields of the Lord, you will be cursed by the sun all the days of your life.

Bernice Neesquiff: You have not seen my retirement package or my double wide. I am done, done, done. I have had it like a dead rabbit, I am d-o-n-e, done. I am done, duh-un, done, done. I am so done I could build a big dog-gone house out on little bitty done bricks. Done.

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