1. The spare tire was replaced by the doughnut. Now the newer cars will replace that with a can of spray stuff to fill the tire. This is going to be done to give you more room in the trunk area. Maybe, just maybe it might also be done to help the manufacturer not get you a decent spare and pocket some extra money. Good luck with that spray can sucker.  sign; You will buy into it.

2. Cars are getting uglier and the colors on them look like left-over paint from a Bulgarian refinery paint job. Sign: You don’t even notice.

3. The more dangerous the object (wood burning tool, iron, etc.) the more likely it is the cord will be too short. This year it will be one inch shorter. Sign: You don’t care.

4. You hear a song. It is from an artist who has ten gold records and is a super star. Sign: You can’t name one song they ever sang.

5. Green is the color for alien life forms in movies. People accept green as strange. The entire out-put of nature films now weighs more than the out-put of nature itself. Going outdoors is not a form of exercise, you need the germ filled gym for that. Sign: It is flu season again.

6. Adults dress like children and see “Adult” movies. They dress their kids like adults and they see kids movies with dirty jokes. Sign: Where did you hear that?

7. There is more snow so people are saying global warming isn’t real. Snow is caused by moisture and a little cool air. moisture can come from evaporating air…you know, like melting icebergs. Oh that ozone layer stuff, what-ever. Don’t be so heavy. What is on the tube? Do you have to take everything so seriously? I mean honestly, lighten up.  Sign: Now where is that darn spray can?

8. More than 1/2 of the legislators are millionaires. They are supposed to represent out best interest. Sign: You aren’t laughing yet.

9. Although most people say creativity is of a higher value that revenge or destruction, the next time you are in a video store check out how many movies are available about artists. Sign: Camo is now a color.

10. Everyone is making a list of some kind. Sign: Where is that darn paper?

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