Jessie Dimp Reflects

I was thinking, you know, how these movie stars have such an attitude? I mean if a guy paid twenty-three dollars for a ticket to see a certain rock performer at the Oxide Auditorium last Saturday night…and a guy couldn’t get to talk to him, well…that isn’t right. If a guy tried to get back stage to see this performer he worships, and two security guards pushed him down and laughed at him….and they said, “He ain’t about to talk to scum.” Wall, I was thinking that reincarnation would really be cool. See I would set it up so all these fancy movie stars and especially rock stars, they would turn into dung beetles. Tumbling bugs…you know what they do. See, it would work out so they could think and everything, but each one of these people would be in with a regular bunch of dung beetles. Now your beetle, he has no idea why he is doing that, he isn’t sad or depressed, he just does it. The star would be there and he would have to roll the balls of dung, but he would be totally depressed. He would complain and whine like crazy but the other bugs would just look at him and just say, “Huh?”

Nolan Scuff: My mom said that if they let us truckers go down to Mexico and if those Mex drivers come up here, snake worries will amass. See, she said dangerous, poisoners kinds and slithering types of snakes would wrap around the axles. They would hitch a ride up here and drop off in Texas. Then they would wiggle their way right across state lines and end up here. So, if she is correct, keep an eye out.

J.D.: I think some tribes somewhere eat beetles. Do they eat dung beetles? I know whenever I eat a really good meal…then I wonder…will this be spoiled by food poison

N.S.: No matter how bad or good it is, I could get worse, my mom knows that and you should too.

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