Jessie Dimp Explains How It Is

Jessie Dimp.: I got a text from my daughter, she said she had to endure a chill factor of 5 below zero to walk to her job, I wrote back and aid, “You got a good job to go to but it is cold, my heart sweats and moans for you.”  That shut her up. Arf, arf

Melba Vee: Arf, arf?

J.D.: That is the way Popeye laughed, if it is good enough for him, good enough for me. My daddy was a truck driver, lost an eye in a wreck over on 1-95, they called him Popeye. That was back in those old C.B. radio days. Now we got this tweeting and texting and Facebook and blogging and websites and such all. Same thing.

M.V.: The same thing? You are comparing a truck driver to a modern computer user?

J.D.: A gal on tweeter says, “I just saw a white cat, do you think that means good luck?” She sends that to five people. Here is a truck driver saying, “I just passed mile marker 15, I’m gonna pull off for coffee up here.” What is the difference? Heck your office chair even looks like a truck seat. You ain’t nothing but a driver who don’t go anywhere.

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