I was sitting on this ledge, watching this guy’s TV set. He is watching a show on nature. Well, not really, he was asleep. Probably drunk, I know the bum. Anyways they were talking about bees. The guy said that bees go from flower to flower collecting honey. Okay. Then he said, “The unsuspecting bee collects pollen on its body. As the bee goes to different flowers it helps propagate the flower.” Huh? I am totally covered with  that pollen and I don’t know it? If you are wearing a sweater do you know it? Do you think we are nuts? unsuspecting? How about, we can’t wait to get that stuff off. Geez! Listen, there is a spot on your back you can’t quite reach. You know? You can almost reach it…but not quite. Well, I know where that spot is. That is right where I am gonna sting you if I ever catch you watching that show. I mean it. Now excuse me, I am gonna sting that bum but good, then I’m outa here. Behave, I’m not kidding.

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