About Bill

To learn more about me you can go to my web page and hit bio. I will put a very brief one here. I was born in 1943 in East Chicago, Indiana. Chicago (Indian name for: “place of stinking onions”) was next door to East Chicago, “place of stinking steel mills, refineries and other heavy industry that stinks.”

I graduated from Portage High school in 1962. Spent 4 years in the Air Force, then started school at I.U. North East. I have taught art in various schools ever since. I am in my last semester before retirement now (so that is why he has so much spare time to blog!)

I am still making art and in pretty good health. I plan to re-double my efforts in creating new art this year. It (besides teaching art) is the thing I gain a lot of satisfaction from.

There you have it, a balding, skinny, somewhat unattractive old man in Indiana, making art, teaching and getting regular dental check ups. I like to write stories as well, they will be coming.


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