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It is a good idea to trust your instincts….you are almost always right.

110 I am interested in a lot of different kinds of images, advertising, reflections in water, old trucks, clouds, demo derby cars…lots of things. I investigate with my eyes which are the window to ideas. I think this is true for most artists, so this is no big revelation. I just thought I would show you a simple example of this I ran across last week. After walking across a large white bridge I noticed the reflection of it in the water.   I always have my camera with me and so I took this photo. It was almost like real life imitating a painting ideas I have worked with before..

I then printed out the picture and took it to the studio. Below is a photo of the painting.


I did the blues first and let them dry. Next I painted the reflection. I used acrylic painting markers as well as a fine brush. People who have no idea this is a bridge reflection seem to respond to it as a purely abstract image. I always point out that actually, all “abstraction” comes from concrete reality. I am particularly interested in water shapes right now. The bottom line is the same as the top line….trust yourself, do not worry for a minute what others might say.

Not everything we try is going to work, but we should try everything we wish to make work.