Paw Paw Marsh, Martin County, Indiana

Paw Paw Marsh, Martin County, Indiana

Why would you risk snake bite, ruining your camera and God knows what to stay all day in a freakin’ swamp? tick bites-terror supreme!

on the other hand…….

Why would you strap yourself into a plastic and metal thing on rubber wheels  and hurl yourself down asphalt at 60 miles and hour….with idiots coming at you at all directions?

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

We know air travel is safer….and so is nature. A mucky-yucky swamp is full of beautiful life. That is why a lot of photo people like it. If you have never entered a marsh area (marsh…that is what we tree hugging liberals call it) before sunrise…well you should. As the sun rises and the fog lifts wild life comes alive. Since you and your camera were there first, and you are quiet, then you will see a lot of life others miss. Hint-if you can-do this on a weekday when the other folks are off to work.

Green Heron

Green Heron

One response to “THE JOY OF A FREAKIN’ SWAMP

  1. That’s wet land there, Bill.

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