I am a very, very (and yes…very) non-technical person. I was recently introduced to something that I find is not only non-tech, it is fun and retro and invites a little Luddite in me to step forward, always a good feeling.

My friend gave me an old camera with a pop up viewer and a black square long box she had constructed. As you can see shapes were cut into it to accommodate the camera and provide an opening for the lens.

The black box slides down over the old camera. The next step is to turn the auto flash on your camera off and set to macro (an image of a flower may be on the dial). You can still use auto-focus. When you first shoot it will be frustrating because everything will be backwards, it takes a while to adjust. When you move left the view moves right, etc. Once you get used to it, things are interesting. This method allows you to embrace the (to my mind) wonderful imperfections in old photos. As a matter of fact I often use Adobe to make them “worse.” In the photos you see here I used two mannequins I recently purchased. Subject matter always counts. Ordinary things take on a new look when shot this way.

018 025



 P.S.: Depending on the camera and lens you use, you may have to elevate you “good” camera just beyond the top edge of the black box.



  1. Hey this is retro cool, Bill!

  2. Awesome, Bill! Loving your photos!!

  3. Great blog!! Love the TTV!

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