Here are 7 collages I just finished. They are in a series called: Eye Thicket.

The classic series such as Monet’s haystacks and cathedral are of one subject viewed with different light and times of the year. Another way of seeing a series would be the wonderful lily pond views that Monet created. Indeed he is often credited with the concept of a series.

I made these 7 collages at the same time, often tearing  papers and applying parts to several at the same time. The individual works grew together as a family rather than in sequence. Maybe this isn’t a series at all, I am not sure. I do know this; I did not want to make seven things that would be a kind of  visual rut and I wanted each one to be able to stand by itself.


You can also view these and other works on my website: ET5 ET4 ET3 ET1 ET7


2 responses to “IS IT A SERIES OR A RUT?

  1. They are definitely powerful enough to stand on their own. I am in awe of them. I’ve studied them for over an hour and there is still so much more to see.

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