009Here are 3 of 22 alternate shots of an Amish barn.   019024

I was riding in a car one day and saw this barn in the morning. I returned later to insure the sunrise would strike it the same way. This is the view and crop I ended up with, a frontal view. I used the quick fix on Adobe Photoshop Elements to put a tiny bit of red into this image.

 There are many angles one could use here, including elevating or lowering the camera.   I looked at  the barn from different angles and took about 20 shots. After viewing them I returned to my original impression. I think it is great to go with your instinct…but do not overlook other possibilities.

039 copy

Another example:


Here is a shot I took that turned out very differently than the image I expected. The camera did not see what I saw. Vertical shots are often disappointing for me. Below you can see the re-crop and fix.

356 copy

One response to “RAISING YOUR CROPS

  1. I love the horse, windmill and fence in the first one, and the colors are perfect!

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