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We have not watched TV here for over 30 years. This is not because we think we are better than anyone who does. We just don’t want to be insulted. TV is a dope slap. They prompt you when to laugh, when to go, “Aww.’ ,etc. They think if they make it “cute” you will watch it, no matter how insulting is to you.

Are they right?

I love movies and I watch them as much as some people watch TV. But I have total control. No commercials, if it is lousy I pull out the disk. I don’t sit and watch anything I don’t really like.

I know, there are some good shows out there and I’m glad out that, but not very many. I once saw a movie in which a TV watcher challenged the non-TV watcher. “Whats the matter? Afraid you will like it?” This is the point. Yes. Liking it doesn’t mean it is a good choice. Lots of people like things that aren’t good for them,they should stay away from those things. No apologies necessary. So, creative people aren’t usually talking about “what was on last night.” They have better things to do.  I try to watch movies that are creative, good work. I think good film is an art form and I like it as much as painting.

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