Gee, I dunno…is famous what artists are supposed to strive for? Like the original version of this, is rich what we are given to strive for? Is it a measure of intelligence? The premise that fame and fortune are the goal is a false one. Real artists I know  are not about this. Artists I admire in history were not about it either. I know what you are thinking, “Oh yeah, he says this, but he would love to be rich.” Not true. I am already rich. Rich because I am 70, in good health, about to retire and free to make all the art and any kind of art I want. More art shows, post cards in the mail and sales are fun…but they are not what I enjoy the most. I love to make art. I just freakin’ love it and I am doing art making all the time. Famous? Well, we can look at the guy who did a tune called, “Fame and Fortune.” Elvis has a line, “How empty they can be.”

It seems like being in Indiana is good for my sense of humor and I firmly believe being able to laugh is crucial to creativity.

Collaboration with my brother Larry 2013

Collaboration with my brother Larry

384 - Copy copy - Copy copy

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