Water is the only material (solids, liquids, gases) that, when in a solid state (ice) floats that material on its liquid state. If that were not so life in much of the water would be impossible. By the way, under the water grow many varieties of grasses, grasses are the most prolific kinds of botanical life on earth.

Most of the planet, most of our bodies are composed of water. Because of the structure of water, if you are care, you can overfill a glass a little and observe the bulge. The  bulge is, essentially, a geodesic dome.

I am interested in the stuff we ignore, walking across grass….if you cut a blade of grass it can regenerate. Air, you can’t see it, you take it for granted.  Without it you die. Without it there is no water. Looking at water is an interesting  exercise. It is constantly changing, like a Lava light for people who still read books. It is thought-provoking, it is full of life and attracts life. It is a visual paradox and  an amazing thing to see. It includes the sky. If you haven’t seen a miracle lately turn off the DVD player.




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