When I was in high school  a teacher said, “There are no straight lines in nature.” This was a kind of romantic view of growth I guess, the T-square belongs in the engineer’s realm. It might be a little humbling but we are the copy-cats (if we’re smart). What works in nature works with nature. Frank Lloyd Wright’s teacher in Chicago, Frank Sullivan coined the expression, “Form follows function.” In todays computerized world that begins to break down. A phone no longer looks like a handle with a speaker and a receiver at each end. A phone could look like anything.

The devices we use, such as furniture, buildings, vehicles will be effected by tech as well, they always have been. But let us not throw Mr. Sullivan’s ideas away. They are still quite valid.

The geometry you see in a crystal is a direct reflection of its molecular make up. You are seeing its internal structure at a macro scale. The geodesic dome is based on the molecular structure of water.



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