All of the systems I have displayed are actually combinations of other designs, but somewhat subtle in their ways of combining, at least visually. The truth is none of these major systems are just arches, meanders, etc. They are all very complex. For example a meander in the ridges of sand in the desert has a relationship with all of the other meanders and the surface upon which they are created. The changes in the temperature and wind  constantly shift and move the meanders. Or are they really flowing arches? Is it a coincidence this is home to a Sidewinder?

RAD 21 RAD 20

Radiating lines arranged in an arch (as opposed to radiating 360 degrees with a common center. Notice the unnecessary keystone at the top of the window arch. Many times something that was once functional becomes a decorative element.

RAD 27 RAD 26Here are two ways flowers (radials) , are supported.

The one on the left supports with a branching system, the one on the right with a meandering stem.

(Below) a leaf has radiating veins that go on to branch.


There is no end to the combinations of basic design systems.  Wonders occur in spite of our blindness. We need to see, not just look. Seeing is more than meets the eye.

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