A strange fish discovered deep within the ocean  pops up in the news. Many people wonder at this oddity of nature. Actually the fish is a part of the variety that is well within the mainstream of nature, they are just rarely observed. When you see an ice formation like the one below, be assured you may never see it again, but also know that given the same conditions it will be there again. The point I would like to make is this: things arise in nature because they have to. If the conditions are right to form stone arches, they have to be there. Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky has over one hundred of them. You can view cliffs where they have not yet formed.  The conditions are perfect for that particular “oddity.”  The ice formations below are there because the temperature, wind, water, shape of the surroundings and other factors dictated there would arise.

049 - Copy

Birds fly in a “V” formation because it works better aerodynamically for them. But when they are just moving around in small groups they still display an order. If it works in nature it works because nature is extremely well-organized.


Order then, is the way things work and there is great beauty in that. It will be there whether you bother to look or not. We should try not to miss the wonders around us. The ice formation picture was taken in an old farm ditch on a freezing day.   The wonderful displays of the natural world do not have spotlights, trumpets or red carpets. The true stars of the ongoing spectacular are hidden, quiet and amazing.


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