A flowing line, whether in water, textiles, sand or any other material is a calming line. They show up in plastic screens in fast food places or in rugs in the airport. These are places where people wait and a set of flowing lines that catches their eyes does have a calming effect.

When wind and water, erosion  or even animals tracks  impact the earth, flowing meandering lines occur.  Meandering curtains of light and color occur in light in the aura borealis. There is something fundamental in the meander that communicates something of the sprite. On of the universal icons of what “beauty” is has been identified as a road, path, trail, river or something like it that flows off into the distance.

MEA 9 - CopyAirport carpeting

          (below)   Fast food waiting area and a foam mattress cover

MEA 6 - Copy

MEA 5 - Copy



MEA 7 - Copy

Note shadows on upper left, they indicate meanders in the land surface. The ditch was once straight, it now meanders due to water flowing through it. On each side are cow trails, also meanders. The most efficient way for a three-dimensional animal to move across a three-dimensional surface is not a straight line. We call this a “beautiful solution.”

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