When I was kid (and I sure am not one now) I did drawings all the time and everywhere. People would say, “I’ll keep that and when you get to be famous it will be worth something.” Hah, hah. Extremely witty. My parents would agree I was good at art but, ‘My God Billy, you’ll have to find something practical, something that pays money.” Everybody I saw was doing just that, and they didn’t seem to be very happy.

Flash forward to a few days ago. My son brought home a “Hello Kitty” from Japan. It is in a clear plastic box. The tail wags back and forth. It is 008 copy copysolar-powered. This is practical. But making paintings is not.

A planet that supports solar-powered  plastic cat tails and does not have much regard for artists or art as a carer is an alien world. Maybe heaven is another planet we can go to. On that world people are not wanting to go to war but to make interesting things they create.

The aliens are here-you think they are practical.

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